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About us

Pro Group is all round group professional in producing truss, stage, flight case and rental service for kinds of show, concert, project and event.

One subcompany is Pro Group Stage Truss & Flight Case Co., Limited , it is an integrated company mainly targeting on stage equipments, completed process of design, engineering and sales come together.

Another subcompany is Pro Group Event Co., Limited especially in Rental all over china kinds of concert , new products lauch, new year event and overseas brand car show project in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou. We have professional team to cooperate together rich expertice and excellent communications in English with overseas friends.

Our company’s head office is located in Guangzhou, China. Professional manufacturer of Truss, Stage, Flight Case ,Truss stands and hardware products since 2008 with a well qualified team, we are passionate about offering excellent products and the best solutions for our customers.

Through the past years development, we supply wide and diverse range of structure systems all over the world for entertainment industry ,especially get a pride achievement from Europe, India and Middle East etc.,

What is Pro Group Truss


All products is controlled under high quality by qualified engineer and skilled workshop men., providing safe, simple and easy-to-assemble solutions on a daily basis . Profound knowledge of construction processes and hands-on experience makes Pro Group expert in this field.


We are committed to ensure you receive perfect  products and tailored event solutions that bring exceptional results. We provide professional design drawing ,SLW data, installation instruction .Every product would be test build on connection and safe loading weight before shipping to clients ,We ensure the quality and safety and the process, planning and execution is implemented with ease and fluency for our clients.

Our Vision

To be a high valued pro entertainment event management company in market. expert on pro resource to create value via businesses

we endeavour for product excellence and continuous product innovation . customers’ satisfaction is our persuit, we are ready to light up our future



Contact: Lisa

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Tel: +86-139-2506-1556

Email: lisa@progrouptruss.com

Add: Dongtai industry Zone,Shiji Town ,Panyu District ,Guangzhou,China

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